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IS/M, Inc.- Industrial Sales / Marketing, is an experienced specification driven, manufacturers agent, covering the Southeast, with offices located in;

Greenville, SC. ,  Raleigh, NC. ,  Richmond, VA. ,  Birmingham, AL.  and Orlando, FL.

Field personnel have both practical and hands on application experience with a variety of products including;  Motor / Generator Brushes, Spring Clips, Brush Holders, Commutator Tools / Supplies, Shaft Grounding Devices.  Wireless Plant Monitoring / Preventive Maintenance Components / Systems, Hot Spot Monitoring, Motor Bearing Temperature and Vibration Sensing.  Explosion Proof Devices.  Machine Guarding Devices, Interlocks, RFID Interlocks, Cable Switches, Light Curtains.  AC / DC Drives, Shaft Speed Monitoring, Photo Electric / Proximity Sensors, Palm Buttons, Thru-Door Programming Ports, 600 / 4160 Voltage Indicators, Lock Out Tag Out, PESD’s (Permanent Electrical Safety Devices), Enclosures / Cabinets, Stainless Cable Entry glands, Cord Grips and Multi-conductor Cord Sets.  Rectangular / Round connectors, Fiber Optic, Ethernet IP and Ethernet Switches, Custom Cable Assemblies.

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