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Non-Metallic Enclosures, NEMA 12, 13, 6P and 4X, Custom Sizes, Repeater Enclosures, Junction boxes, Truly Square PVC enclosures, Meter Cabinets, Hinged Window kits.


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Standard / Custom liquid tight IP68, IP69K, Class I DivIIfittings, flexible conduit with variety of threaded fittings: Metric, Pg, NPS and Japanese.  Ideal sealing solutions for flexible conduit for Robotics.  Antimicrobial jacket for pharmaceutical and food processing equipment.  Complete assembly / custom kits.  UV resistant. 


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IIoT vibration and temperature monitoring systems / sensors – linked to Cloud base monitoring thru local phone providers.  Critical application monitoring through a variety of easily mounted sensors communicating to an assigned node interface.  5 year battery life on nodes.  Legacy products:  Programming ports with thru panel door access, R3W voltage indicators AC or DC, 30mm mounting hole, PESD – phase to phase and phase to ground testing by a standard volt meter, NEMA 1, 12/13, 4/4X NEMA 7/9.  Grace (custom logos for customers). HSM- Hot Spot Monitoring 9 / 18 points for detecting lose electrical connections.  Allen Bradley Encompass partner.


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Field or OEM installed Shaft Bearing Protection (BPK) for any AC / DC drive application, static build up by rollers, or rotating equipment generating static discharges.  High Silver content sliding contact / brushes typically found on medical and communication ring type equipment. Custom solutions for both brush grade, spring clip and holder designs – for both domestic and foreign motors.  Fractional HP to 3,000 HP. Fans / Blowers, tools for commutator maintenance and repairs.  Garnet paper for brush seating.  On site motor surveys for proper grade selection – based on load and environmental conditions.  Carbon Seals for pumps and vanes.

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Cable Entry Frames for Cables with Connectors, Cable Glands / Cord Grips for Cables with Connectors, IMAS-CONNECT™ Adapter Grommets, Cable Entry Plates for Cables without Connectors, Brush Cable Pass-Through, Brush Cable Pass-Through, Strain Relief & Cable Management, EMC Cable Shield Clamps, EMC Cable Entry Systems, CONFiX Cable Conduit System, Control Panel & Enclosure Accessories, icotek Punches and Wrenches.


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Meg-Alert manufactures the MotorGuard, GenGuard, and CableGuard patented electrical insulation testing and protection systems designed to detect the first signs of insulation breakdown in critical equipment operating up to 15 KV


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Broken Cable switches, NEMA 12 / 13, 4 / 4X.  Available in custom kits.  Yellow / Black / unpainted manual and auto reset Cable Switches.  Bi-directional Cable Switches.  Easy to see flag indication (left / right, or combination left & right middle cable switch for long conveyor runs.  Positive break contacts that can be easily field modified.  30mm and 22 mm lockable pushbuttons.  Heavy Duty ring guards and 2” palm buttons for press control.  Cross walk pushbuttons.  Welder control pushbuttons.


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Unique Photo Electric sensors for a variety of high speed,  label “gap” orientation, UV safety seal verification, and hard to detect balancing color marks for high speed rotating equipment.  Fork Sensors for small lid detection on can lids.  Unique solutions for: inkjet printing, color registration marks. Standard photoelectric packages including small size self contained, PNP / NPN sensors.  Extensive range of stainless steel Armor and PVC jacket fibers – including threaded right angle, flat housing, smooth / threaded tips.  Glass / Plastic extenders for small or large spot parts positioning.  Variety of sensor colors – including infrared, red and blue for unique detection.


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Standard / Custom nameplates, decals, labels and graphic overlays.  Stamped or multi color printing. Approved for military grade applications.  ISO 9001-2008.  UL certified.


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ProCon rectangular metal / plastic connectors IP65 / 68 for plug and play setups.  Ideal for portable equipment with frequent changes.  Standard 10 amp/ 16 amp – up to 200 amp connection.  Screw, cage clamp, 3 tier terminal block and crimp termination.  Mix both signal and power in the same connector. Metric, Pgand NPT threads, adapters.  PDU (Portable Power Distribution Units) allows branch circuit protection in a portable stand – that can be customized.  Pin & Sleeve disconnect switches and bases. Mechanical rotation disconnect switches e.g., Hand Off Auto.  Full range of metric, Pgand NPT adapters. UL 508A Certified Panel Shop


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